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Brain dumps from the original Bonehead.

Who do you think you are?

That’s a great question isn’t it?  Sure it is – nobody’s really who they think they are, well not all the time anyway.  Take “Carl” for example: he’s a guy that I work with that more or less considers himself to be ‘just one of the guys’ when in truth nobody likes him.  Seriously.  Nobody.  It’s not that he’s anti-social or anything like that; in fact he’s quite the opposite!  But wait…  why nobody likes him isn’t important for one, and secondly I’d be writing until my fingers fell off.  What’s important is that he genuinely thinks he part of the crew. 

So you’re saying you know a guy that’s full of shit?  So… you want a medal for that?

No.  I’m saying that, somehow, Danny DeVito thinks he’s Arnold Schwarzenegger.  What’s amazing is that it’s not all that uncommon!  If I go back far enough I can even cite an event where a number of my close friends staged an intervention of sorts – they sat me down to explain to me that what I thought was playful jokester-ism was actually “mean spirited and biting sarcasm” and that it wasn’t the slightest bit appreciated.

Bitingly sarcastic?  You?  No way!!

Uh, right.  So like I was saying…  everybody knows a Carl.  Maybe Carl’s actually Carla?  Maybe Carl’s 5-foot-10-and-a-half but swears he’s 6-feet?  Maybe he habitually runs into parked cars and mailboxes but insists he’s a good driver?  Or a laughingstock that thinks he’s a ladies’ man?  How is it that we can all know someone like this?  Someone who’s self-image and self-reality can be so horribly askew?

Because, in case you haven’t heard, the truth hurts.

Yeah.  Yeah, I guess it does.  Maybe we should just stop candy coating everything?  Maybe taking your medicine isn’t supposed to be a pleasant experience, it’s just supposed to make you better.  I know who I am – I’m Eric Barber, who the eff are you?


October 13, 2005 - Posted by | Observations

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