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It’s the way that you work it.

I witnessed a most unusual occurance recently.  I walked into a nearby redshirt hipster tech store to pickup the latest DVD release.  You know the place.  All the staff wears khakis and red polo shirts there and the feel in this place is like a Friday’s or Bennigan’s or whatever. 

So as I’m coming through the automatic front doors I can hear music… pretty loud music.  Once I enter the clearing I can make out the song: Rose Royce’s Car Wash is blaring over a mighty fine speaker system.  The Red Shirters are standing about in a circle and clapping and singing and smiling from ear to ear.  Hell, even the manager (the non-red polo shirted employee) is dancing too!  One by one they dance their way into the center of the circle to put on their best moves then dance their way back out to the perimeter to make way for the next.  All the while, I can’t help but think how very Soul Train all this looks!

As an observer whenever I catch a rare scene I always try to take it in from multiple angles, so now I turn my attention to other shoppers to see if they’re as freaked out by all this as I am.  People are standing around with all different flavors of bug-eyed-grins, taking in the spectacle, pretty much the same as me. 

But then, I interpreted something that I had missed at first glance.  The people on line are looking.  The people shopping are looking.  The people waiting at the the service/returns desk are looking.  The people that just walked in or were just about to walk out are standing and watching.  And they’re ALL smiling too!  Out of all these people wouldn’t you expect someone to be in a rush?  Someone impatient, maybe?  Someone that just doesn’t like disco???  No, not here.  Not today.  To a person, everyone in attendance is entertained.  Fixated. 

The inescapable thought was “wow, we don’t do that at my job!”  Despite the fact that I personally don’t care for dancing, I felt a distinct pang of jealousy.  Not because they were dancing but because for those two or three minutes they didn’t care about how much or how little they were being paid, they didn’t care about career paths and they damn sure didn’t care about office politics; they were just enjoying being at work together. 

Bravo, Red Shirts.  Bravo.


October 19, 2005 - Posted by | Observations


  1. That reminds me about the spectacle that would ensue after we would take the Popeye’s fieldtrips. You know… that dance where there’s that one simple move where we clutch our stomachs.

    Sigh. Yes. Yes, indeed.

    Comment by Glenda | October 24, 2005 | Reply

  2. Jealousy gets you nowhere, Barber. Just take the time each day to do the same……dance, sing, smile…..give a big, fat FU to responsibilities for just a moment….that moment could last a lifetime.


    Comment by Poca | October 27, 2005 | Reply

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