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My mind can be a strange place.  I manage to find all sorts of connections everywhere and somehow anything can remind me of something else.  I’d be perfect on one of those FedEx commercials because I can always find a football metaphor to describe a situation.

Since my favorite football team doesn’t play near where I live I go out every weekend to watch my team play.  During a recent game I found myself paying attention to two guys in particular: A pair of linemen.

On a field full of big, strong guys, the linemen are the biggest and strongest.  The specific example I was examining were passing plays, where the team that’s trying to score intends for their quarterback to throw the ball to one of his other teammates in an attempt to advance their position on the field.  While this is happening the other team is doing everything they can think of to try and stop their opponent from scoring. 

Often during these scenarios the linemen for opposing teams will line up hunched over and facing one another and, at a given signal, charge full force into each other in an attempt to defeat the other man.  The player on defense is trying to reach the quarterback and take him to the ground so he cannot throw the ball, the player on offense is trying to keep the quarterback on his feet so he can make a throw. 

During each team’s game for that week, that same confrontation will take place an average of 30 times.  If that defensive lineman wins once out of 30 tries he had a good day.  If he can do that, win his confrontation once, every week – he’s an All-Star!  Likewise, if that offensive lineman loses once per week he’s got alot of explaining to do.  If he loses twice per week he’ll likely be fired!

Can you imagine having to deal with that kind of pressure?  Getting 30 opportunities to execute a task with a consistent success rate of 97% meaning that you’re just not very good??  94% success rate means you’ll likely lose your job before the year is out!  Now, what about the reverse – the guy that wins once in 30 tries, week in and week out, will be heralded as a superstar.  He’ll be showered with fame and fortune, get free tickets to Hawaii, and probably have his face on a box of Wheaties.

I understand that, tactically, it’s easier to attack than it is to defend but 3%???  The next time anybody ever tells you that life is fair, give them four stiff ones on the chin and tell them Barber said Go To Hell.


November 18, 2005 - Posted by | Observations


  1. My task execution success rate is about…….I guess 90%. At least when it comes to my responsibilities at work. But although it is not 100% (or that close to it), I still feel as though I am a superstar! Life is fair (no chin-hits please)…..it all depends on how YOU perceive your goals and accomplishments.

    Miss ya!


    Comment by Poca | November 18, 2005 | Reply

  2. This is a great counter but at what point does relativity render the world’s perception of you more important than your self image? For example, I can sincerely believe I am a giant among men but if I’m 5’5 I’m only tall when in a room full of dwarves.


    Comment by barber | November 18, 2005 | Reply

  3. The world’s perception of you is only as important as you make it. You are a giant if YOU believe that you are….F— what the world thinks.

    Note: Height DOES NOT matter….at least, not to me 🙂

    Comment by Poca | November 18, 2005 | Reply

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