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You gotta be kidding me.  You’re going to write an entire entry about…

No, but thanks.  I’m going to get right to the point – there’s alot of different qualities a person can have that will really piss me off.  One of them is when they overreact, freak out, meltdown, have a hissy fit, make a nuclear bomb out of a firecracker… whatever.  I reeeally hate that.

The first thing I’d ask if somebody said this to me is “So???  What do you care if the next man loses his shit over something insignificant?”  The best way I can explain it is this: It messes with my equilibrium.  I see it as the equivalent of someone headbanging at a Celine Dion concert.  For me it’s very important that I maintain my cool until I’ve got a damn good reason to lose it; when someone near me starts hyperventilating I’m supposed to assume they’ve got a good reason to do so.  In short, Henny Penny should’ve bitchslapped that Little brat. 

 As a troubleshooter I’ve seen stuff like this pretty often where somebody in a state of pure panic will come to see me because “the black hand of Death itself has engulfed their computer” when, in actuality, they just never turned on their monitor.  That’s really not such a big deal because even today there are still alot of people that are not very tech-savvy so you gotta let that slide… it’s just a lack of exposure.  What’s far more troubling is someone crying that the sky is falling because of a slight drizzle.

To illustrate the point, once upon a time while taking a highway exit at 75mph my brakes failed – I didn’t panic there but I doubt many people would blame me for doing so if I had.  There are plenty of urgency levels that exist between comatose and ‘my-ass-is-on-fire’ and I’m sure you can find an appropriate one for most situations if you look hard enough.   


November 21, 2005 - Posted by | Random Ramblings

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  1. I totally agree!!! I hate it when someone ‘freaks out’ over something relatively trivial. I really do believe that some people actually enjoy getting ‘all worked up’ over absolutely nothing. I should know….I used to be one of those people! 😀

    Comment by Poca | November 22, 2005 | Reply

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