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The Hero Factor.

Back when I was a kid some guys I used to hang out with would occasionally refer to something that they called “The Hero Factor”.  It was the inexplicable force that made man believe he was superman.  It was a drive that, as I began to realize over time, all men were familiar with at some point in their lives. 

As boys we read comic books and we watch cop shows.  We idolize police officers and firefighters and superheroes because they are strong and courageous.  They will stand and fight when others are running for cover and for that we wanted to be just like them. 

I don’t exactly know what changed or when but somewhere along the way as boys began to become men our heroes changed as well.  Part of it is likely societal – when being bad became cooler than being good was; but there’s something more to this.  Although I cannot fully explain the shift I do revel in moments where life reminds me of how things were.

Rather than depress myself with the usual stream of “if it bleeds, it leads” blather, I typically will avoid many news articles but there were two over the past two weeks that caught my attention.  One story where a total stranger took on two muggers to save Christmas for an elderly couple, and a second where a passerby caught a baby dropped from the third floor window of a burning apartment because the child’s mother believed it was the only way to save her child.

Just when I’m beginning to believe that we’ve “evolved” into a selfish, soulless society, things like this happen to help me to hold on to my childish ideals for just a little bit longer.  Thank you, heroes.


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