EB: Giving ’em the business!

Brain dumps from the original Bonehead.

So have you heard that Christmas is actually a Pagan holiday?

Seriously.  Turns out that the December 25th and the birth of Christ have nothing to do with one another.

Hold it!  Wait!  I’ve had enough of this shit.  You snuck back in when I wasn’t looking and I don’t really care.  You got all deep on me for Thanksgiving and I let it slide.  Understand this: I am not going to let you fuck up Christmas for me.  On Christmas we give gifts and we put up trees and lights and shiny decorations and we do it because it’s fun.  Watching childrens faces when they unwrap Christmas presents is one of life’s priceless joys, period.  Now would you please, please, please shut the FUCK up and pass the egg nog.  Bitch.

Well alrighty then.



December 26, 2005 Posted by | Random Ramblings | 2 Comments