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No, I’m not frustrated. Thank you.

When did saying “I’m pissed off” become out-of-fashion?  I’m confused by all of this because not everything unpleasant is adequately described as ‘frustrating’.  That’s the latest buzz word: Frustrated. 

I have a suggestion.  The rules regarding the assault law should be amended so if someone hits you with that “I understand your frustration” line, and they’re clearly patronizing you, you’re within your rights to load up your sock with three rolls of quarters and slap them silly with it!

Ok – let me go on record with this: Empathy is a good thing.  It’s a great feeling when you can talk to someone about the things that bug you and they sincerely get where you’re coming from.  You know… misery loves company…  kindred spirits…  all that jazz.  But how often does it really happen?  How often does the person you’re talking to have no clue what you’re really feeling but they do know that giving you a blank stare would just feel too awkward?  So they play along and say “I love you too”.  They do what they feel is appropriate or what they feel is expected of them. 

You can’t be pissed but you can be annoyed.  You can’t be depressed but you can be frustrated.  It all reminds me of an old Carlin rant about impactful words being increasingly euphemized until there’s no impact left – no feeling, just another empty expression that won’t stir up any reaction.  It’s like the language of our lives is being ‘optimized’ by some punk ass Marketing Analyst. 



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