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Going Too Far?

Super Bowl XL was played last night between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks.  Since my favorite team wasn’t playing I really didn’t care who won; the upside for me was that I could watch the game and enjoy it just for being football without “rooting” for anyone.

Anyway, after Pittsburgh had won the game’s Most Valuabe Player award was given to a player named Hines Ward – one of the top wide receivers in pro football today.  During a post-game interview, after winning the national championship and being named the MVP of the winning team, Hines began to beat himself up a bit over a mistake that he made early in the game!  Granted it was a big mistake; it was the kind of screw up that, in a closer game, could have meant the difference between winning and losing… but not last night.

Last night he played in the single biggest game in one of the nation’s biggest sports and played well enough to be awarded the game’s top honor, in route to reaching the pinnacle of excellence for his profession and instead of unabated euphoria he still had a complaint about a slightly less-than-perfect performance on the field.

If this goes where I think it’s going to go, man you need some serious therapy!

Actually, it’s not.  If the man said he was studying film or training on his day off I’d applaude his focus; once you begin to feel ambition burning you up from the inside out it just changes you.  However, this isn’t the same kind of job that the rest of us have!  For pro football players there’s a season that ends and then it begins again – there’s a part where the job is done and that’s that.  Even for the most driven of players there’s a window of downtime before the Type A folk begin their pre-preseason workouts.

The feeling of accomplishment after a job well done can bring an extraordinary rush but if you don’t take a moment to let that rush sink in the accomplishment of task loses some of it’s flavor.  Even if the task is a means to an end, just a smaller step in a larger task, a moment’s appreciation can go a long way. 

It’s great to keep the fire burning but every fire needs to breathe.  Take a moment to enjoy it, Hines.  You earned it. 



Go Raiders!!

February 7, 2006 - Posted by | Sports


  1. I totally understand your comments, but I do know how Hines felt. As perfectionists (which I assume he is), we feel that everything has to be perfect; error-free…..so we do tend to focus on what we did WRONG as opposed to what we did RIGHT. But as I initially stated, I do understand your comments….and will definitely try to heed your words.

    Go Cowboys :o)

    Poca (still missing ya!)

    Comment by Poca | February 7, 2006 | Reply

  2. Sounds like someone I know! Hey I think you know him.

    Comment by India S. Price-Williams | March 1, 2006 | Reply

  3. pittsburgh sucks. seahawks suck more.

    go eagles.

    Comment by nixon | June 15, 2006 | Reply

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