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The Slut, Part 1 (What it is?)

I just watched this documentary on cable called Slut; it’s a 45-minute independent film exploring the meaning and usage of the word and if you get a chance to check it out I highly recommend it. 

How long does a ‘film’ have to be in order to qualify as a movie instead of a TV show?

Good question, but let’s stay on point here.  The movie was interesting and there were numerous interviews with authors who have tackled the subject, women who had been labeled at some point in their lives, and men who, for some reason or other, could be considered knowledgeable resources.  In the process of analyzing the impact of the word they also tracked it’s first recorded appearance in the English language (post-Shakespeare) and it’s evolution from a term to describe a poor housekeeper to the term we know today.  Not all of it was useful though; I’d estimate a good 25% of the movie was just interviews with angry women who felt that being labeled a slut had in some way ruined their lives. 

Fascinating.  What was that about staying on point?

I’m coming, dammit!  While watching this I asked myself how would I define a slut and I immediately began to wonder where the threshold would lay?  I remember a girl in my 7th grade class was annointed the class slut for commiting the unforgiveable offense of reaching puberty first – the poor kid got teased to the point of tears pretty regularly!  Kids tease simply because they can, I get that part, but seriously… is there some official number at which an otherwise respectable young lady can legitimately be labeled a slut?


Shaddap.  The answer, clearly, is no.  According to Dictionary.com if a Slut is a noun for “A woman considered sexually promiscuous”, but Promiscuous is an adjective loosely defined as “Having casual sexual relations frequently with different partners”, then we are dealing with a matter of opinion.  Society hasn’t given a number and what you or I might call promiscuous would likely be deemed pedestrian by Ron Jeremy. 

But did you notice that the definition clearly stated that Slut is a noun to describe the female and not the male?  It’s long been common knowledge that a double-standard existed regarding promiscuity but did you know it’s actually in the damn book?  How is it that for all the radical changes that have taken place in American society over the past sixty years, the concept of ‘the slut’ is still going strong?  What could possibly have preserved it for all this time? 

That’s where I want to go with Part 2 later this week.  Come with me.


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