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Brain dumps from the original Bonehead.

Groundbreaking? No, but it’s still interesting!

Did you see it?  The name of the show is called “Black. White.” and, unfortunately, I can’t say it’s an entirely new concept thanks to an old B/W film I saw called Black Like Me.  What they have in common is that in both of these productions makeup is used to conceal a person’s race.  Where Black Like Me was a movie about a White reporter that went undercover, in 1964 (???), to find out what it was like to be Black; this new show has two families, one Black and one White, and…

Wait.  Stop.  Hold it right there.  A White man, in 1964, wanted to find out what it felt like to get attacked by police dogs?  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???

See the movie, seriously, but do it carefully – don’t draw comparisons or look to validate or disprove, just take it for what it is: a recollection of events that really happened to this guy.  Anyway… this new show is using Hollywood’s latest makeup tricks to conduct an experiment where two White adults and a young White girl and two Black adults and a young Black boy will change races! 

What’s fascinating to me is the way these families are approaching this experiment, they’re trying to pick up just enough language and mannerisms to complete the charade.  This isn’t some C. Thomas Howell thing about White people trying to “act Black” or vice versa…  well, with the possible exception of Bruno – the older White gentleman who seems to be eagerly immersing himself in his newly permissible usage of the otherwise forbidden N-word.

Run that by me again?  There’s a White dude on commercial TV saying nigger?

Yes.  Enthusiastically.  But it’s not what you think – he’s an older guy from a different time in America; racism in his day didn’t have to be subtle so it wasn’t.  The guy is eagerly awaiting someone to get in his (painted) face and call him a nigger so he can blow their mind when he responds calmly.  It seems that, in his mind, he’s already got the whole encounter planned out. 

Did you see it?  F/X Network.  You’ve only missed one show so far.  Take a look…  it’s a fascinating experiment.


March 13, 2006 - Posted by | Observations


  1. I did see the the show and it was kinda…..well…..weird. The white family really looked black, but the black family DID NOT look white. Therefore, I really couldn’t understand how the ‘experiment’ could be deemed successful. Also, the white father did not seem to gaining anything from the experience. He seemed to feel that all is ‘right’ with the world…..that racism doesn’t really exist – just that people need to have a positive attitude and everything wil be fine……Pure BS (IMO)…

    Comment by Poca | March 14, 2006 | Reply

  2. Give him time. Bruno, I think, is looking for the kind of racism he knew of when he was a kid but things are different now. If he stays in that makeup long enough he will see.

    I agree with you though, the white family looks more black than the black family looks white (I think Nick actually looks like he’s mixed white/asian), but either way it was enough to fool the people in the focus group and at the bar.

    Comment by barber | March 14, 2006 | Reply

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