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The game, as we know it, may soon change.  The game of courtship.  Get your boots on ’cause this one’s going to be dirty.  To quote the immortal words of The Fresh Prince, Ok – here’s the situation:

Some guy up in Michigan is dating this girl.  She tells him that, for whatever reason, she’s incapable of getting pregnant.  He says cool because (paraphrased) “I don’t want to have kids anyway”.  They go on doing their thang and then the impossible happens – she gets pregnant!  Now back to the present, the baby is eight months old and the baby momma wants child support and he feels that he should not be obligated to support a decision she made without him.

The Deadbeat Dad Phenomenon happens every day.  Why is it in the news now?

Because he didn’t run.  He’s not hiding.  He’s standing his ground and trying to fight it in court!  The case is being called Roe v. Wade For Men and the National Organization for Men is working with him to have this issue addressed. 

That dude’s smoking crack.  You can’t beat chicks in court.

Oh yeah?  What if he wins?  Wait – let’s come back to that one.  Look at the argument that he’s making.  He’s alleging that according to our current laws maternity is an option for women practically up until birth, sure abortion is morally questionable and even moreso during the third trimester but it’s still biologically possible; but for men the option of paternity is lost upon fertilization.  The saying “if you want to play you’ve got to pay” is cute but is it fair?

Fair?  Go re-read that slut thing!

So far this discussion has been spreading across the internet like crazy.  Some men have argued that he’s only asking to not be held financially accountable for a decision he had no part in whereas some women have countered by saying that because men are biologically incapable of getting pregnant he deserves no say in her decision.  Both, very interesting perspectives.  It’s not for me to say who’s right and who’s wrong and who’s wrong here but I know one thing for certain: If you had the option of crossing a street to the left or a street to the right and the decision was entirely up to you, and you chose to go left and got run over, I’ll be damned if you’re going to tell me I should pay your hospital bills!

“How do you write women so well?  I think of a man, then I strip him of reason and accountability.”

No.  That movie was a comedy and the character who made that statement was clearly insane, however, how many adults do you know that are allowed to blame others for actions that they were equally liable for?  Isn’t equal what this is all about?  Equal rights for both genders?  The biology thing about men not getting pregnant?  Ok, ok, how about this – if men promise never, ever to blame women when we contract prostate cancer will you guys let this one go?

That was stupid.

Was it?  Whatever.  Before I forget – the part about “changing the game as we know it”.  What happens if this guy wins?  We all know that statistically child support and spousal support case victories have historically been heavily slanted in women’s favor but one could argue that this is because historically men have advanced faster, professionally, and made more money for the same work too.  Regardless, we all know he’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this case.  Hell, he’s even said himself that he expects to lose!  But what if he did?  Does it mean that, if a man properly protects himself, a woman can have his baby and still not have him locked in for the next two decades?  Will this change in accountability change the way the courtship game is played?  Will we ever see another Girls Gone Wild video again?


March 24, 2006 - Posted by | Politics

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  1. Girls Gone Wild Video? You are too funny……anyway…….

    I believe that they are equally responsible. The guy is responsible because:
    (1) he had sex with her (he could do it alone, but what fun would that be? (ha,ha) It takes two to tango.
    (2) he was stupid enough to believe her. Just because she SAID that she can’t get pregnant, doesn’t make it so. Just to be safe (in more ways than one), he should have used protection.
    The woman is also responsible for the obvious reasons:
    (1) she had sex with him.
    (2) she didn’t use protection (of any kind)
    (3) she may have WANTED to have a baby. Why else whould should say that she can’t get pregnant if she can? Was she mis-informed or just a straight-up liar?

    I do believe that the court case is valid (my man’s a lawyer, so I believe that any case is valid 🙂 , but I also believe that he will not win. If he does, what a sad day it will be.


    Comment by Poca | March 27, 2006 | Reply

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