EB: Giving ’em the business!

Brain dumps from the original Bonehead.

Calling out Cruise.

I wanna footrace against Tom Cruise.  I’m serious.  Have you ever watched any of his movies?  Mission Impossible 3, War of the Worlds, all the way back to Risky Business…  hell, you could probably just pick one at random and stand a legitimate chance of seeing him break out into some serious sprinting.  Sometimes, like in MI:3, I could swear it’s a camera trick!  Either way this guy can flat out book… and I think I can take him.  He seems like a competitive, high-energy kind of guy and I think he’d be up for it.

Come on Tommy boy, I’m calling you out!  I know you’re out there reading and checking my site daily for updates.  Don’t duck me man!  Just you and me, no witnesses, and I won’t tell anybody if I spank ya.  Bring it on.


May 24, 2006 - Posted by | Random Ramblings


  1. OK, have you ever seen him in Magnolia?

    The guy’s a nut. He plays a nut. He’s far too good in that role. So scarily so that I don’t even think he was acting.

    Watch it and you will see what I freakin’ mean.

    Comment by G-Unit | May 26, 2006 | Reply

  2. Have to plead the fifth on this one (I actually like Tom Cruise….at least I like his acting skills)!


    Comment by Poca | May 30, 2006 | Reply

  3. don’t be so glib, e. really. you don’t know about footraces. i do!

    cruise is a tool. i’m adding him to the dart board.

    Comment by nixon | June 15, 2006 | Reply

  4. hahaha!! very funny.. am sure tom will take you up on the challange 😉

    Comment by Style Guru | August 17, 2006 | Reply

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